Quiz 4 Results

Quiz 4 Results

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Overall 23 players took Quiz 4 and only one person got every question correct.  Congratulations:


1st. Hrouda: 0.00

2nd Aqua Regia: -.414

2nd Reibejk: -.414

2nd grapes -.414



Here are the quiz answers:


 Pineapple Open Face Chinese Quiz 4 

So here we have to decide whether we want to split our pair and keep the dream of FantasyLand alive, or just settle with 88 up top.  Note that closing off the bottom here in an attempt to keep running big pairs alive is  abig mistake (3 points!)

Best Move: 8 Front 8 Middle: -9.739

All answers:

XFM -09.739
XMF -09.739
FMX -09.969
FXM -09.969
XFF -10.040
MFX -10.043
MXF -10.043
BFX -12.498
BXF -12.498
XFB -12.498
XBF -12.498
BMX -12.697
BXM -12.697
XMB -12.697
XBM -12.697
FBX -12.705
FXB -12.705
FFX -13.018
FXF -13.018
MBX -13.061
MXB -13.061



 Pineapple Open Face Chinese Quiz 4 Question 2 Answer

This question was designed to expose the fragility of your decisions based on how many outs you have.  With one queen dead, you need to rethink your answer.

Best Move: 88 Front -10.236

All Answers:

XFF -10.236
XFM -10.973
XMF -10.973
FMX -11.223
FXM -11.223
MFX -11.338
MXF -11.338
FFX -13.214
FXF -13.214
BFX -13.755
BXF -13.755
XFB -13.755
XBF -13.755
BMX -13.948
BXM -13.948
XMB -13.948
XBM -13.948
FBX -13.974
FXB -13.974
MBX -14.395
MXB -14.395



 Pineapple Open Face Chinese Quiz 4 Question 2

This is a pretty bad draw.  We really have to make the most out of our cheese here.  I think people are undervaluing spots like this because they look uninteresting.  I am finding out quickly that being able to play the boring spots right is really what seperates the men from the mice.  I think its pretty clear we should leave the flush open on the bottom, as a pair of 3's isn't strong enough.  Then the second thing I am thinking is, I want to leave FantasyLand opportunities open as well.  So that leads me to put the 5 middle and one of the other cards up top.  Instinctively, I think it should be the 8, since it's a higher card , it can give us a royalty if we pair it, and would tie my opponents 8XX under some conditions.  I was surprised to learn that my intuition was making a mistake of .2 points!

Best Move: 3 Front, 5 Middle -3.728

Other Answers (not all):

5 Middle 8 Front: -3.946

3 Middle 5 Middle: -4.275

8 Front 5 Front: -4.372

3 Back 8 Front: -5.079

8 Front 5 Middle: -5.227

5 Middle 3 Back: - 5.955



 Pineapple Open Face Chinese Quiz 4 Question 4

So while in Question 3, it was quite obvious we didn't want to pair the back, we now have the opportunity to 2 pair the back, which is a big difference.  Or we could set an agressive FL allin with Q top 5 middle.  I wasn't sure what the answer was going to be, I really was stumped with this one, and there are so many different ways it could go.

Best Answer: Q Back, 3 Back: -4.813

3 Front, 5 Middle: -5,048

5 Middle Q Front: -5.227

3 Front Q back: -5

3 Back Q Front: -

Q back 5 Middle: -6.019



Your individual results should have been e-mailed to you already.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the quiz.  I am looking forward to improving the quiz process, for both our sakes, in the future.

Quiz 5 will be available soon.



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