Our Goals at OFS

Our Goals at OFS

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   We have 3 main goals here at OFS and I thought I would outline them here for you today.


Our first goal is, of course, your Open Face Chinese education.  We want you to improve your game to the point of perfection, and feel that result when you play out there in the real world, whether you are playing for money, points, or prestige.  To make sure we are accomplishing this goal, we will provide you with the tools required to easily check, study, and understand the inherent values between different plays.  We want you to know which play is the best, and how to figure out the answer on the fly in a real game situation.  We will also track your score by implementing a rating system.  This will allow us to track your progress and skill level throughout your study sessions here, while at the same time provide us with an opportunity to meet our second goal.


   Our second goal is to provide a new and powerful level of competition among the entire Open Face community.  Rather than just playing 1 on 1 for a few thousand hands and seeing who beats who, we want players to compete globally for the highest rating on our player leader boards.  We truly feel this will bring a new level of competition to the game, and it should quickly make the brightest stars in the game shine.  Now, I understand that not everyone wants to be recognized for their talents.  If you don't want people to know who you are, that's fine, you can still compete on the leader boards anonymously.  Just use an alias username and you can keep track of your position personally, without exposing yourself to public scrutiny and risk people quitting you in your games.  Also, I think our tactics trainer will be another way for players to challenge one another in an Open Face battle.  It will remove a lot of the variance from the game, giving it a true skill on skill vibe, much like a game of chess.  Not everyone will be looking to play in that style, and I understand, but I think it truly opens up a whole new level of competition.


   Our final goal is to unite and grow the Open Face community.  With so many different apps out on iOS and Android markets, and different rules being played on east coast, west coast, Vegas, and in Europe and Russia, we haven't even really agreed on the rules of the game.  I would love to see OFS as a hub for education, where you come here, check your work, learn, and then go back out to your respective apps, whether its ABC Chinese Poker, Pine App or Oye Chinese Poker, and compete.  We will always have a portion of our site dedicated to free education, and look forward to writing many free articles and continuously making contributions to the Open Face community.  We believe Pineapple Open Face is a strong, fun, and complex strategy game that is can be enjoyed by the millions of card game enthusiasts, poker players, and other strategy game enthusiasts.  This game can bring out your raw talent, help you intuitively derive complex probability calculations, and even make you a better poker player in some ways.  But above all else, its a lot of fun, mixed with a lot of gamble.